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Dispute Resolution

A Compliance Dispute may lead to penalties, damaged reputation, and revenue loss.

We help companies engage with regulators, ensuring compliance issues are resolved before they become larger problems.

Effective compliance not only gives peace of mind but it makes your business stronger and more secure.

However, compliance can be difficult and time consuming to accomplish without the right guidance. Trying to attempt the complicated process on your own can, in some cases, steer a business down the path of being Non-Compliant. This leaves your company and clients at risk in multiple ways.


Our Approach to Compliance Dispute Resolution

Our Strategy is to Build Relationships with Regulators

Depending on how regulated your industry is, every company will have contact with its regulators. As a consequence, each business must decide what strategy it is going to pursue with regulators.

We propose that you think about your relationships with regulators in four categories:

Ordinary periods where no proposed regulation is being considered and no examination is underway,

When the regulator has proposed or is likely to propose a new rule

Where you are being examined by your regulator, and

When your regulator is investigating your firm or individuals associated with your firm.

The goal of your compliance program should be to avoid regulatory penalties. Towards this end, Constructive engagement with regulators delivers better benefits than a strategy of avoidance or opposition.

There are of course wrongdoers in every industry who prefer evading regulation. But that is a limited group in any industry. The vast majority of people are trying to do the right thing. This involves meeting the regulations that apply to their industry.

From our experience, engaging often and well with your regulators is the best path to complying with your regulatory burdens while running a profitable business.

We Create Systems to Proactively Engage with Regulators and Quickly Resolve any Compliance Dispute.

At UBR Compliance, our key strategy is to build effective relationships with regulators. The most important time to build a relationship with your regulator is when you have no current matters with your regulator.

We also create systems to quickly and efficiently resolve the problem immediately it arises. This creates a spirit of cooperation between your organisation and the regulator.

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